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The three tribal founders of Tribal Internet Gaming Alliance (TIGA)—the Red Cliff, St. Croix and Lac du Flambeau bands of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin—hope to launch a free-play, internet bingo website that would eventually expand into for-pay poker.

TIGA looks to enlist into its network other tribes, and even states where internet wagering is legal. But it will not attempt to solicit wagers from off the reservations or from states that are not part of the network.

Lac du Flambeau touts public transit service

LAC DU FLAMBEAU – Lac du Flambeau leaders don’t think the Northwoods has ever had a public transportation system like theirs.

They’re excited about starting up their transit service on Monday.

Buses will take people around Lac du Flambeau, and to the Mincoqua-Woodruff area.

The system will give people without a car – or people looking to save gas money – an easy way to shop or get to appointments.

State of Emergency

Nothing else to do this morning, I went back and searched what all I missed on the “State of Emergency” declared this past year by the tribal council. Here is the first thing I found:

Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin – The Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians Tribal Council declared a State of Emergency on March 29, 2013 as it relates to the threat of synthetic cannabinoids, synthetic cathinones and other illegal drugs affecting the Reservation and Tribal Members.

Tribal Transit Exists – stay tuned for the latest

The transit buses that we have heard about seem to becoming a reality.  Thank you for those people sharing the information with us.  This is a needed service and will be welcome.

Unfortunately this lack of information is twofold.  We have 38 programs within the tribe, and very few program managers seem to be capable of interacting with the people they serve.  As a result, nothing gets done.  And information never gets out.

In this case, tribal planning seems to be the culprit once again.  Seems like every time there is a f-up, they are involved.  And why is it up to people reading facebook to come out with information based on rumors and supposition?  There is a communication department PAID to get this information out to us in a timely manner.

New Lac du Flambeau Transit?


As posted by Joe Graveen “Ldf transit is to be up and running come Monday… Will keep you’s posted….” on 11/20/13.

I had heard about buses being purchased and parked out at the tribal garage. I kinda put the news on the back burner, but it was brought up in a meeting I attended today. I started asking questions and got a handout regarding “Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin Human Resources Department” job posting which first post is limited to any enrolled Menominee Tribal member.

The job was for a Lac du Flambeau Bus Driver.

Where is it?

I went to the election board meeting on Sat. along with many tribal members. There was a lot of information, but one of the main things that I thought was important was a timeline that was spelled out, and steps that needed to be taken. The other thing I learned was that there was paperwork that was going to be mailed out to tribal members. Now this is Wed. and I looked at both the tribal website and their facebook page. No information whatsoever, and I want to know why? I should point out there were no council members their either. If this is so important, why no visible support?

The other thing lacking was that there should have been someone videotaping the whole thing, to be streamed so all the information was made to those who did not attend. I see the 2 PR/Com people all over the place, but what good does it do if ther is no communication to the tribal members? I also noticed that there was no names as far as authors on any of the articles in any of the “newspapers”. Why? Are they writing these or paying someone else to?

Just some questions.

Sugar Bush Says

Also had communications wit the News Paper/Communications dept. You may have followed it ? I did notice stories do not indicate the reporting person. An was informed, they cant be everywhere. Something I didn’t need to be told, this I know. Did I miss the advertisement ? expansion was mentioned. I know this can happen, but not with out sales of advertisement. I mentioned a story idea a week or so ago. Well I was told they accept submissions. It’s sad to see Tribal Members are not worthy enough. But stories appear of recently hire individuals, who been convicted of attempted fraud ? is it me or is there something fucking wrong wit this picture.

Welcome back to Tell IT LIKE IT IS!

I was at the gas station and picked up a copy of what is supposed to be the new “tribal newspaper” but is only a newsletter now.

Now people are going to throw at me “sour grapes” but you all know me for speaking tell it like it is. Well here goes.

There are now 2 non tribal members filling the communication department role. There are many educated members within the tribe that could fill that role, but of course we all know educated, knowledgeable tribal members are the last ones ever considered for a job.

Hello world!

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